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See?  It's time!!!
At intake, happy to be safe!
Yes, I've lost a few lbs!
O.K.!  Time for my walk!!


Defi: Defying the Odds!

This spunky little lady may be the oldest Cairn currently Fostered by Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network (CPCRN), but don’t tell her that!  One look at her little video portraits and you will have no doubt our little Defi is full of life!  A fan of keeping schedules, she will dance and bark to let you know if you have let the appointed hour slip by without the proper meal or treat! 


Looking for a great walking partner?  Look no further!  Sweet Miss Defi has worked hard to lose a few pounds, putting a spring in her step that belies her 12 years of age!  Defi walks with purpose, and completes each mission to everyone’s satisfaction and with energy to spare.  Just don’t you forget those well earned cuddles and skritches! 


Defi had the sad misfortune of losing her elderly parents, then finding herself in a shelter when there was nobody to care for her.  The shelter determined that she was heartworm positive, which was bad enough by itself, but it put her at great risk as shelters generally do not make sick dogs available for adoption, nor do they treat them.  CPCRN took her in and made sure she had the lengthy and expensive treatment to rid her of this terrible illness, and now she is certified to be 100% heartworm free!.


A real cuddle bunny with her Foster Dad, Defi is always ready to show her love for Foster Mom as well!  She gets along fine with her Foster siblings, but knows how to hold her own if her bossy Foster sister pushes her around too much!  She loves barking at the ducks across the way at her neighbor's house, as well as the guinea fowl, and the rabbits that run wild in the neighborhood, proving her Cairn instincts are all intact!  This is one special little girl, defying the odds as she overcame so many obstacles.  She is 100% ready to cuddle in your arms and help you to overcome any emptiness you may have in your heart and home!.


Find out More about this Available Cairn in Texas!

Fill out an Application for Adoption!

Ty's Intake Picture!!!!

I am a pretty boy

Can we Play?

Happy Ending –Ty's Story– Adopted January 8, 2012
By Pam Erickson in Normal IL

On January 2, 2011, Ticonderoga (Ty) was rescued by Col. Potter.  He had just turned 2 yrs. on 11/11/10 so he was young and rowdy and had been kept outside in a dog run and hadn't received the love, attention, training or care that he so deserved.
Ty was THE FIRST entry in my Blanket Auntie database for 2011. 
He went to his foster home on January 8, 2011 AND I assigned his blanket on January 8th, 2011.  I was Ty's Blanket Auntie.
Although Ty had some adjustments to make from being an outside dog to an inside dog, he did make those adjustments and was getting the love and care he needed.  One of his big problems was his weight.  He was 24.3 lbs. at intake and a perfect weight for him is 16 lbs.  Can you imagine how he must have wondered - "Where's all my food" when CP started him on his "diet".  With good nutrition he started loosing some weight.
The first of March, 2011 Ty had a seizure and was diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy.   He had a bit of a struggle adjusting to his first meds and then was switched to meds that were more suited to his body chemistry.  The next few months were ones of learning how to be "the best dog he could be".  It seemed as if he were at a standstill as far as his training and with no applications or interests for adoption, we were contacted in early October and were asked if we would consider taking Ty as our foster.
On October 8, 2011 we drove half way to pick up Ty  and he started a new adventure with us.  What an adventure we had with this boy.  We were immediately drawn by the cute face, 1 ear up & one ear down, and the most amazing chocolate brown eyes that could look straight into our hearts.  Our family and Ty seemed to have an automatic bonding and his blooming into the most AWSOME cairn boy began. 
Although Ty was seizure free on his meds, I decided to have his thyroid levels checked to see if this could have been the cause of his seizures.  After going over all of his intake records and med records, it seemed to me that a 2 yr. old cairn that was outside all day in a dog run should not weigh 24.3 lbs.  Could there be another cause behind his struggle with weight and seizures?  The lab work showed that Ty did have hypothyroidism and he was started on meds.  His energy level became normal as he was able to run and play for extended periods of time and take long walks and not tire out.  He started loosing his extra pounds and is now at his perfect weight.  The thyroid meds did such a great job that we actually had to increase his food intake as he fell below is ideal weight of 16 lbs!  We were also able to decrease his seizure meds with hopes that someday, i n the near future, he will be off the seizure meds and that the cause of his seizures was the low thyroid.
Ty became the most obedient boy who always comes when called, sits when he's told to sit, shakes hands, stays when he's told to stay and runs and gets in his crate when told.  He also is 100% house trained and runs to the door to go out.  He does not bark at the door so any accidents have been at the back door because we didn't see him sitting there (our fault).
So, on January 8, 2012, one year to the day he started foster care, and 3 months to the day he came to us,  Ty began a WOND ERFUL new life.  TY WAS ADOPTED TODAY!!!!  He was adopted by the most WONDERFUL family and will have a perfect life from now on.  He will be going to work with his mom and fur sister everyday and will have the love and attention that he so deserves.  
CONGRATULATIONS Ty!!!  We love you and miss you. 

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The Corporation, COL. POTTER CAIRN RESCUE NETWORK (CPCRN), is formed for the charitable purposes of rescuing purebred Cairn Terriers and Cairn Terrier mixes which are homeless or soon-to-be-homeless, including, without limitation, those found in animal shelters or similar facilities and those released by their owners due to change in family circumstances or otherwise, as well as purebred Cairn Terriers and Cairn Terrier mixes which are being used as breeding stock by so-called puppy mills and backyard breeders, including those disposed of in puppy mill auctions; facilitating the pick-up and transport of such dogs; arranging for their spay/neuter as well as for the provision of other appropriate veterinary care for them; rehabilitating and fostering such dogs; seeking applications for and screening permanent homes for such dogs; facilitating their adoption; and educating the public about responsible Cairn Terrier care and ownership.

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