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Some success stories are best told by simply reading a few of the e-mail messages involved in that rescue. The "g-man" has such a story.

Senior Cairn Terrier With Broken Bones in Spalding, GA - March 16, 2000

I'm hoping to find someone who can take in this little senior guy from Spalding County, GA. He was found abandoned at a horse-boarding barn carrying his back right leg. The girl who found him works at the vet and brought him in. They x-rayed him and found his pelvis broken in two places (one on each side), a broken femur, and a broken fibula (both on the same leg). He gets around really well and doesn't appear to be in pain. He didn't potty in his kennel so he may be housetrained. He is incredibly sweet and spry for an old guy. His age is probably around 15 years. His hearing is good and his eyes are clear but his whole face is gray. We all know how absolutely adorable these senior guys are and he's no exception. The breaks don't appear to be too old and the vet talked about trying to put in a pin (taking him on as a charity case). I think it would make a big difference if the vet knew the dog had a home waiting. Unfortunately he is also heartworm positive but it wasn't a strong positive. He also mentioned treating him for that and cleaning his teeth. Please forward this to anybody who might be able to help find this sweet guy a final home. I would appreciate any replies and suggestions.

Update ~ 15 Year Old Injured Rescue - March 23, 2000

At the vets they have nicknamed him Geezer. There is someone local who wants him but I'm not sure they'll let her have him. We have all fallen for him and we are hoping that the vet will agree to keep him on as a mascot. Their current senior mascot is dying of cancer and only has a matter of months or weeks. They have treated him for Heartworm, neutered him, and cleaned his teeth. It turns out that the break in his leg is an older break and is already healing. He walks on it a little bit. The pelvic breaks will heal. He wasn't feeling well this morning and the vet feels he may be having a reaction to the Heartworm treatment. He is on IV and being watched very closely by all of us. Oh, and they now feel he may be younger than they originally thought. Maybe around 10 or so. He's such a little trooper, just takes everything in stride. He doesn't protest no matter where we put him or what we do to him. I'll let you know what they decide.

Broken Cairn In Georgia In Need Of Home - August 14, 2000

I emailed this list several months ago about a senior Cairn (named Geezer) at my vets office in Georgia that had been found with a broken leg and broken pelvis. He also had heartworms. Although I had many offers for this wonderful dog, everyone at the vetıs office fell in love with him and wanted to keep him as their office dog. The other small office dog (Prissy) was dying of cancer and they thought she had only weeks to live. Well, Prissy is still going strong and still fighting off her cancer (with treatment). Geezer and Prissy don't get along so he has had to be kept in the kennel area instead of the office. They have finally decided they weren't being fair to Geezer and want me to try and find a wonderful home for him.

He is not as old as we initially thought. He's maybe 8 or so. He was treated for the heartworms and his pelvis is healed. His leg never healed but he uses it some. He has been neutered but doesn't know it. :-) He is not terribly dog friendly. His big enjoyment is to be loose in the kennel and go from gate to gate aggravating all of the other dogs. Is this the terrier in him? He is incredibly sweet to people and tolerates just about anything. He is full of personality and we like to bring him to the surgery room when we aren't too busy and just watch him be a clown. I wish I had kept the emails from all of the people who were concerned about him before. I would contact them directly. If anyone can help me with him or knows someone who can, please let me know.

Broken Cairn in Georgia Finds A Home - September 2000

Well, it just so happens that one of the offers for Geezer had been from a cairn owner in Florida. When she heard he was in need of a home after all, she made arrangements to bring him home with her to foster. After a long trip (9 hours up and then back), Geezer was home, and she was convinced his new name would be Griffin, as he was found in Griffin, GA. Friends convinced her he looked more like "Gizmo" -- and since they were all "g" names, he became simply the g-man. It was obvious early on that he was housebroken and accustomed to lots of love and cuddling, and she really wanted to find a great home for him. Several families were interviewed, and okayed -- but something always "happened," and the g-man was still there. Here is her report after the last expected "meet":

"Well, we now have our answer -- the g is forever and always home to stay! I am not offering him to anyone else again. This last home sounded really good, and he would be an only. We found ourselves hoping ... and so, he is out of the loop. I don't know that I could have done it. He is my special link -- the one dog that never fails to lift my spirits. All I have to do is imagine what he's been through -- and still a game, happy fella -- and the day doesn't seem so bad! He reminds us every day to think of compassion, forgiveness, love, and most of all -- trust."

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