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ABC Dog Training ~ Red Flag ~ Ten Key Danger Signals
Article on dog training and aggression

An Obedient Dog Is A Happy Dog
By A. Schneider

Aversives And Sod Busters - Jack Palance vs. Fred Astaire
By G. Wilkes

Behavior: Understanding And Modifying
This is an important first step if you are having behavior problems. This site lists common myths and errors in dog management and suggestions for the most common behavior problems.

Can Cairns and Cats Live Together Peacefully?

CFF Canine Federation Freestyle
Canine freestyle dance is a wonderful activity to build trust with a dog.

Dog Logic's Obedience Articles
A collection of articles by Lynn Richards. Many of the articles focus on manners and behavior.

Dog Training Fast and Simple
A strongly worded article confronting the clash between expectation and reality in dog ownership. If you want diplomacy and tact, then pick a different link. If you want passion, this is the one to read.

Dog Training Information
Lots of articles and real information on different methods of dog training. It includes articles addressing specific concerns in obedience and everyday issues (like crate training), and articles on behavior. In general, the tone of the articles try to keep training a positive experience for both dog and handler.
Maintained by M. Plonsky.

Dog Users Manual
Excellent site for training

Doggie Door To Canine Behavior
This site has plenty of good and interesting articles and is well organized. It is now useable for those without graphics browsers.
Maintained by Brandy Lyle.

Growling, Snarling, Snapping And Biting
If you are concerned about the behavior, of your dog, then you are right to take it seriously.

He Just Wants To Say "Hi!" - Rude Dogs And Aggression
An excellent article on dogs meeting people from THEIR point of view. A must read.

How To Choose A Dog Trainer
By R. Kovary

Inappropriate Fear
Counter-conditioning crucial when dogs fear inappropriately

Interdog Aggression
Interdog aggression can strike with deadly consequences
What are the Warning Signs?

Introduction To Obedience Training
By N. B. Woolf

Life And Death Of An Untrained Dog

Manners And Training
By N. B. Woolf

Multiple Dogs

Not All Dogs Can Be Trained The Loving Way
By T. Barthelstein

Pet Training - Fast, Cheap or Good
By G. Wilkes

Prevent Your Puppy's Destructive Chewing
By R. Kovary

Punishment ~ How Not To Do It
By G. Wilkes

Puppy Aptitude Test
Developed by Volhards

Puppy Biting
By A. Fahrenwald

Temperament Testing

The Paws Working Dog Evaluation

The Well Mannered Dog

Treat Training: Bribing Miss Daisy
By N. B. Woolf

Twelve Tips For A Well Behaved Dog
By R. Kovary

Books & Videotapes
These are some vital resources to help you, all of which may be purchased online from or some other sources.

Jean Donaldson, "Culture Clash," "Dogs Are From Neptune," and "Mine!"

Dr. Ian Dunbar, "Dog Behavior: Pet Owner's Guide to a Happy, Healthy Pet."

Dr. Myrna Milani, "Body Language and Emotions of Dogs."

Andrea Arden, "Dog-Friendly Dog Training"

Terry Ryan, "Toolbox for Remodeling Your Problem Dog"

Dr. Patricia McConnell,
1. "The Cautious Canine: Helping Your Dog Overcome Its Fears;" (booklet)
2. "Iíll be Home Soon: Helping Your Dog Deal with Separation Anxiety;" (booklet)
3. "Beginning Family Dog Training"
4. "Feeling Outnumbered?" (booklet)
5. "The Other End of the Leash"

Pat Miller, "The Power of Positive Dog Training"

M. Shirley Chong, "A Clicker Cookbook: A Step-by-step Guide to Beginning Manners."

Dr. Karen Overall, "Clinical Behavioral Medicine for Small Animals"

Dr. Nicholas Dodman, "The Dog Who Loved Too Much," and "Dogs Behaving Badly."

Karen Pryor, "Donít Shoot the Dog: The New Art of Teaching and Training," and "Clicker Training for Dogs."

Dr. Deborah Jones, "Click & Go," "Click & Fetch," and "Click & Fix" videos.

Peggy Tillman, "Clicking With Your Dog: Step by Step in Pictures."

Dr. Ian Dunbar, "How To Teach A New Dog Old Tricks"

Lana Mitchell, "Click for Success: Practical Clicker Training Guide."

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** Col. Potter's Choice ** CPCRN Shopping Mall
Partial proceeds from the sale of these items goes to help Cairn Rescue

Bite Not Collars & Products
Collars that allow dogs to eat, drink, sleep, etc. while training for bite control
Phone: 800-424-8366

Information on Flexi Leashes

Glow Dog Night Safety Equipment
Night safety equipment, weather-resistant fabrics, related

Secure Pet Seat Lookout
Booster seats for dogs unable to be crated

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Crate Training
by G. Bohnenkamp

Crate Training in Brief
By G. S. Dittmann
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Canine Automotive Restraint Equipment
Seatcovers, cargo liners, truck restraints, barriers, pet seats, ramps, first aid kits, travel bowls, etc.

Friendly Fence
Safe, inexpensive, easily attaches to trees or posts

Hale Security Pet Doors
Unique designs in doggie doors, offering security benefits
Phone: 800-646-HSPD

Horst Company Modular Kennels
Modular Concepts Clip together dog kennels

Mason Kennels
STRONG kennels, chain, etc. of all types. Industry standard.

Nylabone Fold-Away Pet Carrier
Fully-assembled, no parts, meets airline requirements

Pet Doors USA
Free catalog, Electronic collars
Phone: 800-749-9609

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All Pets Dental
Small Pets Veterinary Dental Information

PoochNet's Canine Health & Nutrition On-line Articles -- Dental Health
Articles on different aspects of dental care for your dog

Canine Dental Disease
Dental disease problems in Canines answered quite thoroughly

Canine Dental Problems
Provides some wonderful links on canine dental problems. There is also the ability to write to Dr. Mike Richard's, DMV, on any questions or topics not answered in the links provided Health Tips -- Dental Care
You can remove excess plaque by brushing your dog's teeth at least once a week. Removing plaque will prevent tartar from ever forming

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[Food & Treats] [Natural & Raw]


AFP Industries, Inc. - Health
Pet Health Products stiffness, arthritis, etc.

Best In Show Dog and Cat Food

Dog Feeding Info
The various ways of feeding our dogs

Dog Food Comparison Chart
Dog Foods and their ingredients

Dog Treats

Dr. Kruger's Supplements
Anti-inflammatory, glucosamine, chondroitin, devils claw, etc.
Phone: 800-711-8736

Information on all Eukanuba foods and products, the breeder program, etc.

Flint River Ranch Super Premium Health Food For Pets
FRR Food Source

Halo Dog Food

Home made food items

Kibble Ingredients

Kritters Kitchen

Solid Gold Health Products For Pets
All Excellent Holistic Blend products for health and skin

Three Dog Bakery

Welcome To Milk Bone

Free e-mail health letter and products
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BARF ~ Bones And Raw Food
Commonly fed BARF diet

Cairn BARF List at
BARF list owned by Karl Stearns at for owners of Cairn Terriers and other short-legged terrier breeds.
Natural alternative feeding.
This takes you to the YahooGroups sign-up page.

Is Raw Food Safe for Dogs?
Feeding raw food

Natural Alternatives
Canine Wholistic Nutrition

Natural Canine
Site dedicated to educating people about the benefits of home prepared diets, using herbs, homeopathy, and other natural healing methods for the care and well being of dogs and cats.

Raw Pet Food - The Best Food to Feed Your Dog
Feeding a natural or raw food

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© Copyright 2001 Violetta Argueta

See also On-line Pet Supplies

Care-A-Lot Pet Supply Warehouse
Larger catalog, many useful items
Phone: 800-343-7680

Nice catalog to have; Fewer toys, more equipment and supplies
Phone: 800-524-0820

'All things dog': THE book catalog to have for descriptions on all currently sold books on dogs and cats
Phone: 800-776-2665

Drs. Foster & Smith
A breeder favorite; Many mini health tips in the catalog
Phone: 800-826-7206

Great Companions, The Dog Lovers Catalog
Mostly pet products, including lots of collars and leashes
Phone: 800-829-2138

Groomer Direct
Nice supply of mostly grooming products
Phone: 800-551-9860

Healthy Links ~ Natural Supplements
Phone: 800-423-8211

J-B Wholesale Pet Supplies
Charges ACTUAL shipping charges only, nice variety of supplies, coupons in front of catalog
Phone: 800-788-5005

KV Vet Supply Company
Ask for the 'master' catalog; Free shipping on most items
Phone: 800-423-8211

NASCO Farm & Ranch
Excellent general catalog; FARM & Small Animals; Many unique items
When calling, specify complete catalog
Phone: 800-558-9595

Pet Doors USA
Doggie doors of every possible description, plus outdoor security items
Phone: 800-749-9609

Pet Professionals Direct
Phone: 800-468-8795

Phone: 800-473-8872

Pet Warehouse
Phone: 800-443-1160

R.C. Steele Pet Supplies
Some good sales if you need the items
Phone: 800-872-3773

The Dog's Outfitter
Nice catalog to have on hand
Phone: 800-367-3647

Thomas Laboratories
Homeopathic Supplies for holistic treatment of dogs; Medical and skin care
Phone: 602-936-3363

Toto-ly Oz
Toto collectibles
Phone: 888-798-TOTO(8686)

Valley Vet Supply ~ Direct Pet Superstore
Good bargains; Free shipping on orders over $50; $5 service charge for orders under $50
Phone: 800-360-4838

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