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Don't miss out on being notified of the many unique items that CPCRN will have available at auction or on our web site. Some of these items are:

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eBay Auctions held to benefit Cairn Terrier Rescue
the annual Cairn Terrier rescue wall calendar "The Faces of Rescue" available for the following calendar year
Special Cairn Terrier items available for purchase on this web site. We have quite a few exciting surprises that will be offered soon!

Dog-related coupons or specially priced Cairn Terrier items available at other web sites or retail sources with partial proceeds going to benefit CPCRN rescue

I want to donate my time, talent, or other items to Rescue
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The Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network (Not-For-Profit in the State of New York) will be happy to give anyone who donates any items a tax receipt. Your generosity is always sincerely appreciated.

Please contact me. I want to donate items that could be sold through auction on eBay. I realize that these items do not have to be Cairn Terrier related.
I would like to submit a story or art for Written In Stone - great stories of beloved terriers.
I'm creative or artistic and I want to help somehow. Contact me, let's talk!
I have dog equipment or supplies that are in good condition that I would like to donate to a foster care home.
I would like to help foster Cairn Terrier Rescues or help with their expenses or grooming.
I have a rescue dog whose photograph I would like to have in your next rescue calendar.
I am interested in helping rescue financially with a one-time donation or by establishing other long-term endowments. Please contact me.

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