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eBay Auctions

Please click on the eBay auctions below. These are the eBay auctions currently taking place. ALL proceeds from these auctions go to benefit Cairns and Cairn-Mixes in the Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network.

With sincere appreciation to those who are graciously giving up their time and donating their items to help Cairns in need. Remember that your donation "above the fair market value of the auctioned item" is tax deductible.

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Current Items for Sale!
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MORE AUCTIONS coming soon!

If you are not an eBay member yet, please use the link below to register.

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In addition, once you've registered, if you use the search box below to find your eBay merchandise, eBay will pay CPCRN $0.05 for each bid that you place. To find merchandise currently being auctioned to benefit CPCRN, please do a search for CPCRN.


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